Text glitch in Layout Space after Closing and Re-Opening a File

Weird spaces in my texts objects in Layout space.
Still trying to figure out when this does/doesn’t happen… But-
-Happens [sometimes] when re-opening a previously saved file (does not ever happen during the same session that I create the text, only when I return to that file later on).
-Changing the font fixes it, until I come back later and re-open the file later on.

after changing the font fixes it, does it still work when you change back to the initial font?
did you try if that also happens when you use other fonts before saving and reopening it?

which rhino version are you using?

if nobody answers and you dont get further, there is one thing you could try to use the command ExportPreferences it will create a plist file which you can name and save somewhere you can find it again followed by ResetPreferences and ImportPreferences

i didnt have that happening yet, but i am also not using layouts too often and i am working in the latest wip.

Thanks for your suggestions!
I haven’t had any problems with this since abandoning that font, and it’s been a few months. I’m guessing it was just that.

Hi, I have had the same issue. Which font were you using? I am using Helvetica Neue.
Is the determination that this font simply does not work in Rhino? Is Rhino going to fix this?

Please send a 3dm file and the specific instructions to repeat the problem.
If we can repeat it, we can get it o n the pile to be fixed.