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Hi John,

In order to set all of the text to bold I need to highlight select the text in the editor and only than that text will be bold. There seems no way to make all of the text bold in one go. It’s quite a hassle having to select all of the text inside the editor just to make it bold, change the font or set other values for all of the text at once.


So you’re talking specifically about editing existing text inside the text editor?
I’m still trying to understand the problem.

You need a convenient way to select everything in the editor, beyond normal Windows selection tools like range selecting?

I’m guessing here, but I think Wim is conceiving “all text” as something that exists abstractly in the model, consisting of literally every text thing. In a different post the text editing improvements were described as being done with an eye toward making all the text in the model look the same. From that point of view I think that Wim would like to address selection and editing “all text” directly without having to click on any text anywhere. Then any editing changes would literally apply to all the text in the document.

@wim Am I anywhere close?


Hi John and @AlW

The new behaviour of textobject editing.

Previously (V5) you could select a text object, go to the text properties in the properties tab and hit the B button to make that text bold.

In V6 this is no longer possible: you need to explicitly select the text (portion) in the editor field and only then it’s possible to set it to bold.

I’m on my phone so if I still do not make sense I’ll elaborate from my latop with pictures later.


I just tried it in V5.and V6.
There is a bug in V6 currently; perhaps only in the in-house builds, effecting selection, but in both cases, I click on the text object, then swipe select the text in the Properties panel, and click the Bold tool.

They seem the same to me.

When you get a chance, please describe what you’re doing that is different.

Yes, this is where it’s cumbersome. In V5 there was no need to swipe select and to make things worse there is no way to set the text to bold when multiple text objects are selected because you cannot swipe select multiple texts


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This is one of the reasons text in V6 belongs to a named annotation style.
The idea is you would make a “notes” named style.
Then you can change the style definition to be Bold and avoid the old V5 selection process entirely.
I think you’re using V5 editing techniques when you don’t need to.

In V5 these sorts of things were handled as overrides on the object. With the switch to Rich Text, there are too many options now so overrides would have been just a big mess. Named annotation styles make test in Rhino V6 act more like text styles in Word or Google Docs.

Yes and sadly with that we lose agility and flexibility. It’s like auto capitalizing words after a period. Not being able to indent with a tab without getting a bullit list forced on you. Not being able to hit enter without starting a new paragraph.

This new behaviour is great for work flows that sufferd from lack of consistency previously.

Yet the new text style editing compared to regular object properties would be like:

In order to change the display color of multiple objects at once you need to go into “object styles” and create a new style that has the object color set to a custom color.

Maybe it’s an option to create a feature where text has a flag to discard all style links. Much like an object can inherit attributes from layer or parent or they be customised for the object.
So the style of an annotation object can be set to ‘None’ and all attributes are ‘internalised’.


I think it would be possible to have a no style option with some work.
We can’t add a new concept in right now with so many ragged edges in what we have but I’ll write it down for later.

Hi Lowell,

Thanks for the reply. I fully understand you have other priorities for now. If need be I’ll come back to this later.



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I actually think Willem’s request is pretty straightforward:

  1. Select an existing Text object to edit
  2. In the properties panel, click the Bold button

Since nothing is selected in the text field, nothing becomes bold. If Rhino simply selected everything in the edit field when the properties dialog activated, or when the modal editor came up, his problem would go away.

He’s asking to get rid of the tedium of having to select the text in the editor to change the style of everything there.

Logged as RH-38206.

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…and if one of the things you can do with edit is delete the whole preselected test string - accidentally - there should be a way to get it back. Will “undo” work here?

RH-38206 is fixed in the latest WIP