Text Curves are missing in some Fonts

When creating Text using the Text Box tool, more often than not I have to manually create Curves to complete Letters!..This is really frustrating and Time consuming. I have read somewhere that Tolerances have to be adjusted in the Settings…I have no idea where to go to adjust this, it is all a bit too Technical for such a simple task! Any ideas with step by step instructions and/or links to a solution would be very much appreciated. Rhino themselves just aren’t interested in Text creation!

Hi -

I take it that you are referring to the TextObject tool.
That tool merely takes the font as the designer of the font created it. In most cases, fonts are only designed to be used to render text, not to create objects from. Some fonts might work better than others.

Yes, the Text Box tool. It just seems really strange that Fonts are made up of Curves, but Rhino can’t even translate these curves into, well, Curves!..Rhino is supposed to be a World Class Design package yet can’t seem to complete the most basic of tasks. I paid a lot of money for this, yet, I am being made to do things that Rhino should be doing!

Make sure you do not have “Allow single stroke fonts” (V6) or "Engraving fonts (V7) checked in the TextObject dialog.

If you have a font that does not work despite this box being unchecked, post it here, someone will look. Since anybody can make fonts, sometimes their quality is really poor - they may look OK as text, but the generating curves might be really bad - sometimes even invalid objects in Rhino. If you stay with fonts from reputable manufacturers, there is rarely a problem with missing curves, although other problems like non-tangencies are still quite common.

Yes, I have been through all these settings, no joy. The Font I use most I am sure is a Standard Microsoft font. It is Called ‘Ancestory SF’. Most of the letters work ok, but some don’t: The capital ‘D’ has the middle missing, as does the small ‘b’ among others.

Not sure about ‘Standard’ here - I do not have that font installed on either my Windows 10 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro installation. This looks like a free downloadable font to me…

yes, your’re right. I have had this Font for years, definitely not microsoft.