Text Block - Centered on Point


Rhino v4

In Rhino v4 the text for a Text Block is always to the right (left justify) from the point clicked on the screen. Has anyone written a script that would center the text at the point clicked?



(Pascal Golay) #2

When you run Text, or check its Properties (for existing text) you can set the justification.
Here’s a macro that will set text to center-bottom:

! _-Properties _Pause _Text _Justification _BottomCenter _EnterEnd



In v4 there is no mention of justification in the text creation box or the properties of test already created.

This is what I see:

(Pascal Golay) #4

Apparently I am just not having enough coffee these days- you did say V4… No, sorry, no help there.


(Willem Derks) #5

Although virtual, maybe it can induce a placebo effect:



(Pascal Golay) #6

Perfect! I like my coffee black and in very small cups!