Aligning closest point to a corresponding anchor above it?

Hello, I am making a tent and instead of making the tent anchors from the verticies of the mesh I would rather have the ability to adjust the points myself (divide curve and specify count). However the mesh does not know to go in order from the cloest point above it then continue the mesh to the next point. In simpler terms the mesh is being pulled in a random direction as it anchors to the points. I would like it to be a blanket pulled from each corner that the anchor is specified. Please help. I’ve attatched a picture of the tent as it would be if it used every mesh vertice and one if it used my specified vertice. The grasshopper picture shows the blue group as the regular tent and the orange group as the attempt at my specified anchor tent. Also if you know why the tent seems to “drop” right after its been pulled, forming just a flat center, that would be also very helpful. Any info please!

Combined (33.5 KB)

Combined (21.5 KB)
To identify the corners of the boundary you can use SplitAtCorners.
Then you can move some of the up or down to control the shape without having to search for closest points.

You were also missing the boundary cable on the inner edge.

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Thank you kind sir, that solved it. You’ve answered 2 of my probelms so far with these tents and I couldnt be more grateful! Its a project so I’ve been making variations and now im on my final one and the model I’ll be using to render. Taking all the info you’ve taught me I’ve managed to make something else similar to these tents, however, now I am having a problem with anchoring the center eye of the tent to the ground. If you are able to could you help me figure out how to push the eye part of the tent to the ground? Everytime I do it it distorts the rest of the mesh. I’ve attached the one im working on if you could take a look? If not you’ll probably see the post soon lol. I dont need every vertice to touch but enough so it looks like its being pulled there, almost like a tree.
Im stumped on this last bit. Thanks for your help.

Final (39.0 KB)