Temporary Baking

is there such a component/ method so as to temporarily bake a geometry, in a way that it’s visible to Rhino’s tools and then deactivate/ update it? (so that through the trial/error process you don’t have to keep baking and deleting geometry within Rhino)
*when I say “visible to Rhino’s tools” I mean mainly being able to inference it. e.g. using the various snaps and constructing arcs using the ‘baked’ geometry’s tangents.

Elefront does most of what you are describing.


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I just got down to trying it out.
Either I’m missing something or you didn’t understand me: I am talking about temporary baking.
From what I see this is just for making it easier to bake with predefined settings like layer and name.
What I’m talking about -if it exists- is making a geometry ‘visible’ to Rhino but being able to deactivate it.

to explain it better:
GH geometry is like ‘ghost geometry’ within the 3D space. It only becomes ‘tangible’ once you bake it. I am asking if there is a way to ‘materialize’ GH geometry but without baking it, so that you can inference it with Rhino’s tools, while still being able to update it from within GH.

That’s the closest thing i can think of. You can modify and update to rhino via bakename, then reference bakename back in GH (with attributes/tree branches and all). Works great, especially on large projects and worksessions.

There are clickable meshes, but i’m not familiar with them in the least.

This is the clickable mesh i was thinking of, doesn’t seem helpful to your situation, too limited.

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amazing! yes! that was exactly what I was looking for!