Baking grasshopper project

i just finished a first version my grasshopper project. Basically what I’ve done is that I created an assisted drawing to save time on drawings that have to be regularly modified. Its a simple 2D drawings on which some dimensions can be defined with sliders or panels, and dimensions are displayed.
What I want now is to make a proper 2D drawing, because the grasshopper objects are displayed but cant be modified under the Rhino window.
Any suggestion ?
I can send a sample of what I’me talking about If ever its needed.

Post a sample.

I use Elefront for baking. Its a great workflow and very easy to customize to what ever project you are working on.


Here is a sample, I simply want to bake the circle+points (with the commands that are enabled) (13.0 KB)

Thanks @Rickson, I tried to install the plugin, I am running under Mac, it doesn’t seem to work?
I simply pasted it in the component folder as requested (the plugin only includes one .gha file)…

Here is what I get (this is the compatibility report doc), the report is from 2016, nothing changed apparently.

edit: Seems like I will have to find the ‘bake’ function I need on another plugin.

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I’m not sure if I am stating the obvious but you can just bake Grasshopper geometry by selecting the component on the canvas and hitting the Insert key on your keyboard (not sure if any Mac keyboards have this one…). Or use the Bake icon on the radial menu. Or pick Solution > Bake Selected from the menu.

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Thanks @wim, indeed I did not know all the shortcuts you mentionned but I was aware that it is possible to bake by right clicking.
My goal is to give my .gh to a user, I don’t want them to have to bake the components one by one, they will only have to use the few sliders and panels and then click on a button ‘bake’ when they set up the drawing as they needed, in order to print it from the Rhino window.
Even if the user simply selects everything and click on ‘bake selected’, it won’t be a ‘proper’ way to use the document as it can lead to mistakes. I am currently trying to install Metahopper or Elefront, none of them seems to work on Mac…

The python component that is linked to from the following discussion should work. It is overkill in that there are options for several attributes but you can use that as a start.

Direct link to the definition:

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The dimension commands I want to bake have no ‘out’, seems hat I have no other option but to bake it myself, as the python command you linked requires an ‘in’.