Template file settings not stored

When setting my template file in Lands (the same file I use in Rhino as standard) it will remember the Template Files location, but whenever I try to change the Default template file, it will always revert to the C:\ProgramData\AsuniCAD\Lands\Rhinoceros (64-bit)\Templates\en-US\Lands.3dm file.

Even if I go to File>New browse to my template file and check the ‘Use this file when Rhino starts’ box, it will still revert.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
I need to use our own template to make use of a variety of layouts and layer settings etc.


When you launch Rhino from the Lands Design desktop icon Lands uses one of its two own templates (Metric or Imperial). If you launch Rhino from its own desktop icon, your template settings should work.

We can consider to add an option to do not use Lands templates when launching from Lands icon. This could be useful if you like the Lands Rhino Scheme (white blackground) but you want to use your own templates.

This would be useful.
Are there any other functions that are not available or stability issues when launching Lands from within Rhino (as a pose to using the Lands desktop icon)?

No problem using Lands from within Rhino. The only limitation is that, after (first) install, Lands must be launched at least once from the Lands desktop icon to complete the plugin registration on the selected Rhino version. Otherwise it won’t load. But once done, you can use it as you prefer.