Tekla model object rotate


I have two problem if you guys could help me please…

  1. using position for tekla object its always rotate beam on its axis, i want to rotate with respect to z axis direction.
  2. I have tried to rotate tekla model object but none of the grasshopper commands are working on that.

please see attached snap for better understanding


you need to rotate the curve before Beam component, or if the curve is a straight line: just swap the start vertex (point) with end vertex.

@w.radaczynski thanks for taking time, well thats the last option we have but i have modelled it at 0 angel at 0,0,0 which i actually prefer, but now i have to rotate it is there any other option that enable to move or rotate objects in tekla through grasshopper like we can play with position same way if could rotate ?

As far as I know: there is no way to change those objects like this. You can import this objects and export. To modify them you will probably have to use custom scripting to access API (C#).

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I don’t understand why @w.radaczynski advice with swap of the start end points would not work?
Here is the one with rotation around start point as well.
rotate.gh (15.5 KB)