Tube component number (20)

i have a problem with connection tube connection is rotate not perpendicular on yellow box like in picture
how i can solve it ?

Hi, since “auto” as the value for the up-direction doesn’t always work when inserting details and connections through the API, you will need to set the attribute zsuunta to set the up-direction axis yourself. If the objects are slanted you might also need to calculate the desired angles from your input axes in GH and then use the attributes zang1 and zang2 to set the angles for the component.

Some info on this page:



i try it but i face some problem for how i can get correct rotation angle about x and y of secondary member to put it on zang1 and zang 2
i try angle tekla computed by default but not work will so i want to know how i can make it correct

I did some trials to find a way to determine the required angles automatically from the beam axes. Not sure if it’s the most efficient way, but this setup seems to work: (20.0 KB)


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thank you very much it’s worked

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