Any option reposition of Beams in Tekla using Grasshopper?

Hi My Need is to reposition the Tekla Beams to different Location Points with out Deleting it is there a option in Grass hopper?
Thanks in Advance

Hi, sorry didn’t pick up on this earlier.

I take it you mean reposition existing beams that you have placed manually in Tekla - then the answer is no, there’s currently no way to do that using the GH-Tekla live link.

The reason modifications like this haven’t been added yet is that it could lead to some recursive behavior that needs consideration, like the beam moving farther away each time the definition is solved if you’re repositioning using points relative to the current input points.

For specific use cases you could do repositioning with a C# scripting component and the Tekla API quite easily, if you’re into that. Some API examples here:



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