Technique: Join and blend polygonal mesh edges?

Hey I realize this is a pretty basic question but I have searched and can’t seem to find the right info.

How do I join these two edges and make that “blend” smooth? It’s an automotive surface so it has to be nice. It’s not a particularly sculptural area ( bottom of 1/4 panel and rocker panel)

As far as current Mesh skills-- I can create basic mesh entities, do booleans/trims, etc-- but this is beyond my skill set.


Hello - Rhino is not your best friend here - you’ll need to either make the objects as surfaces, not meshes, or work with a mesh modeler - Rhino has some mesh tools but it is primarily a surface modeling tool. That said, you can make some bridging polygons using PatchSingleFace and then FillMeshHole to finish the job. Keep in mind that ‘Smooth’ is a tricky concept with meshes since they are faceted - any smoothness may be a result of welding the mesh.


Very good- thank you!