Technical Museum Foyer Oslo


Here’s a project I’ve been helping out with for some time this year on which I used Rhino for creating a few objects/structures. It’s the recently opened reception and shop of the technical museum in Oslo.

I did the 3D-modeling, cnc file preparation, a part of the cnc-production and provided assembly guides for the people assembling these structures so they knew how to put the things together. The skilled people from Artisan Tech AS did the assembling, installing and finishing.

All professional photos were taken by Oliver T. Edwards.

Oslo's Technical Museum Foyer
(Kyle Houchens) #2

wow…awesome work! thanks for sharing!

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I too , would say Wow! Sounds like a nice collaboration. —-Mark

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Stunning work, well done!

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Thanks for the kind words!


Always nice to see your work in person or at least real photos. Nice job.


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Okay, when do I move in?

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(Wim Dekeyser) #8

I haven’t been there for a while now, but this is a great incentive to head out there on a rainy Sunday!
Good work, Siemen.

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Hehe, you can check if they take designers in residence. :wink:

Thanks Wim! I haven’t actually properly visited the exhibitions myself yet (just quickly went through them during the build) but it’s on my list.