Tapered Extrude Direction

When I use the tapered extrude command off a series of surface edges or curves, is it possible to change the direction of some of the extrudes but not all?

For example I want a tapered box with 3 degree draw on all sides, but one edge tapers outwards instead of inwards like the others. Is there a way to change this during the command or is it a case of extruding the ones that go the ‘wrong’ way after finding which ones it happens with?


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No. The other problem with the tool is it will make triangular filler panels that will likely get in the way with what sounds like a simple shape.
It would probably be better to offset the border curve, point edit it into the shape you want, move it up (or down), and Loft between the curves.

Ok, thanks John.

As I work mainly with designs that require directional draw, what I usually do is create the tapered surface with the angle I need, then rebuild it to simplify, or create the tapered surface from curves on the angle.