WISH: Extrusion tapered "both sides"

You can add this option to the command tapered extrusion? It might be useful?
Thank you

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Yes, I agree. both sides would be a useful option. It would also be good to specify different tapers for each face.

I think it is very difficult to establish a taper for each face: if the object is complex, articulated?

Be satisfied with the “two sides” option, at least for now!

SDRC IDEAS used to do it nearly 20 years ago. It isn’t an essential option but it would come in handy from time to time. Of course I can change the taper manually so it isn’t a big issue.

Similar thing with added the both sides option to the taper extrusion, it would be nice but isn’t essential. Using mirror doesn’t take long. Be nice to have though.

We await the advice of Pascal, or whoever.
Everything can be useful and important, but certain features that we would like to implement are not immediate, and Rhino 6 will not delay to come out …