Tangent interpolated curve from multiple circles with different scales. HELP!

Hello guys,

Hope somebody can help me.

In the picture above, I am trying to achieve this blue curve. it should be a tangent to multiple circles of different scales and at the same time shift from left to right of the circles. I am trying to create a pathway curve that is controlled by radii of different circles ( zones ). I even tried to create it with magnetic field components but with no luck. Hope somebody can help. Thanks in advance for your time. attached are the base files. thanks again.
test.3dm (842.6 KB) test.gh (6.4 KB)

this might work, this slider lets you control the max-distance from the original curve where points are generated:

number of points must be even

Belts_on_random_circles.gh (13.9 KB)

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this is brilliant man. thank you for this. I wanted the tangent to be more curves than lines so I changed the line tangent to arc. so that it would look more natural.

and I tried to get the outline from this so I started connecting the tangents together to create the full loop or the full outline curve but somehow it created the twists or kinks and not sure how to fix them. was hoping that you could help with that as well. this is how it looks like so far. I want to straighten out these twists if possible.test.3dm (844.4 KB) test.gh (9.8 KB)

thanks again for your help. much appreciated.

I would do something like this to keep it easy

note that it will completely fail if the radius of the tangent edges becomes too small and the edges intersect

for this reason, if you want to give it a try, this expresses the radius of each arc as a multiplier of the distance between the two adjacent circles it is built among (it’s not a super precise method, expecially because circles radius are random… but gives a bit more of local control if necessary)

testing it out, looks like it’s not failing as I thought it would :rofl:

test_Re.gh (16.1 KB)


Thank you man. This is greatt! much appreciated.