Creating Tangent Circles to Curves Along Axes?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create tangent circles to curves but these circles are positioned across certain lines as the picture below:

I was wondering if someone could help to:

  1. optimize my definition, that I think runs too slow because of the use of inefficient operations (region unions and trims).
  2. Maybe improve it, as it has some errors… (sometimes circles are bigger or smaller than required).
  3. Modify it so that when the circles radius is decreased, they are still tangent.



Thanks in advance for any help
Def: Tangent (631.4 KB)
(it does take some minutes to compute)

Hi ShynnSup try with circle tan tan, You have to keep in mind that half of the line, is not the centre of the circle, Increase the Resolution for better result. (627.3 KB)

Hey E, this is really good and smart. Thank you for helping me out.
One last thing, do you think there is a way to decrease the radius of the circles?

I tried scaling from start point, but the correct orientation is lost as a result:
(green). (In black the result of a decrease in radius + manual move in rhino).

try this, scaling the first tangency curve. (632.8 KB)