Tangent arcs

This should be simple: I’d like to create a series of tangent arcs. Here’s a picture…

This is just the beginning jig for some forms I’d like to create. Should be straight forward, right? Any help is appreciated.

Here is a quick GH solution that should give you good idea about how to deal with this problem.

tangent_arcs.3dm(37.4 KB)
tangent_arcs.gh(4.6 KB)

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Here is another example using the Grasshopper Bi-arc component.

biarc.gh(14.7 KB)

biarc.3dm(25.3 KB)

Thank you both for your help! Given that I’d like to not draw any geometry directly in Rhino, I think the bi-arc component solution will give me what I want in this case.

Thanks Rajaa & Scott, both definitions will come in handy. I was looking for arc tangent with Grasshopper a while ago.