Taking a Sketch from 2D to 3D with an Imported Image - From Gravity Sketch to Rhino

Traditionally taking a sketch to 3D is don’t through sketching out the front top and side views then importing them to the corresponding planes in Rhino to trade and start form-finding. I have done this process many times and it always feels a bit clinical. VR is a bit more natural as you can see the various perspectives as you would in reality. I decided to document this process and walk through the process of taking a 2D sketch into 3D using the planar feature in Gravity Sketch. This is quite useful if you are taking a quick thumbnail or napkin sketch into Gravity Sketch and trying to recreate the concept in 3D.

Browsing through Instagram, I spotted Archie Tolentino (@archietekt), a footwear designer with some great shoe concepts sketched on the iPad. I sparked up a conversation and found he hadn’t tried 3D but was quite interested so I decided to take one of his sketches and show him how to bring it to 3D in VR.

Archie Tolentino Nike Sketch

I also thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce him to CAD through the Rhino importer so I brought it into Rhino at the end. You can explore the file here: Gravity Sketch 3d_shoe_sketch.3dm (8.0 MB)

Would love to hear thoughts on this.


@theoutside, as per your request, I am posting more of the full process.

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it’s impressive your work process
I really like
… it is quite fun to be able to draw in virtual reality

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this was super enlightening… thanks!!

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