About the Gravity Sketch category

Gravity Sketch is a design platform for cross-disciplinary teams to create, collaborate, and review directly in 3D, from concept sketches through to detailed models.

Integrate Gravity Sketch in your workflow with the GS Rhino import plugin allowing you to drag and drop Gravity Sketch files into Rhino. Users can also export IGES, OBJ or FBX directly from the application.

This channel is for any questions or suggestions about the Gravity Sketch <> Rhino workflow and integrations.


In a recent interview, I was asked about other companies in the 3D ecosystem that we look up to and without hesitation, Rhino is the one. The Rhino community it engaging and supportive, People answer each other’s questions and work on projects together all without ever meeting. We not only want to belong to this community but also build one within it.

I am a proud owner of gravity sketch and I am fairly new to rhino, I managed the plugin install and Ive used GS before, but so far I am having to go into landing pad and extract the obj then install into rhino, what does the plugin actually do and how do I use it? I follow you guys on Linkedin also I always keep on top of the news!!