Sketch to Informational Design Workflow

Hi all!
I’m retaking my thesis research and wanted to poke around on your collective intelligence. Some varied questions looking for examples/research that you might know of.

  • Realtime connection between any 3D model/sketch software for tablets and Rhino/grasshopper?
  • I got to import an *.stl file from Shap3r3D, but first I had to manually unzip it and can´t manage to make GH3D read the “reference”.
  • I´d also like to use the new Rhino6 custom object attributes and be able to query them inside GH3D to sort, filter and make boolean conditionals. Is there any querying plugin yet? (food4rhino is not helping much in the search).

Next steps of this workflow I´m discussing would be to link the design into proper BIM systems, but that is already being taken care of…

Thanks in advance.