Tables export options

When I export tables I need to modify the xml file to remove m2 or m3 text from the table and to transform dot to comma to be able to create new calculated fields in excel (maybe it is possible to insert the measure’s unit in the heading of the relative column)
Is it possible to get a possibility to decide or select/deselect this options?
Is it also possible to export directly in .xls format?

Thank you

Hi @fn_a,

I’ll add it to the list.

We already have a request in our list to link VisualARQ tables with Excel files, would that work for you?

Hi @alfmelbev,
In .xls format it would be better.
Actually the problem is when we work in excel we need too steps for getting an xls file “spendable” to create advanced reports. Do you think will it possible to implement in VA in a short time?
Thank you

Hi @fn_a,

I am not sure if it will be implemented in a short time but I have just added it to the list for future development.

This would work for me, too. +1!

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Ah yes: could we please have a live sync option to Excel, too?
I use some Grasshopper plugin (TT Toolbox) that already has this.

Hi @Eugen,

That’s what I meant, linking an excel file with the data that is generated in VisualARQ tables, so if some data changes, the Excel file updates.