[Export Table issue] How can I get my language properly showed when open the .xml file in Excel?


As title, I used traditional Chinese as custom parameters and generate tables out of them. When I tried to import the exported .xml file or either .csv in Excel which used UTF-8 setting, it became random code or ?? marks. Is there any way to quickly fix it?

(Enric Marquès) #2

Hi @Ashy_Chiang,

This is a bug in VisualARQ 2. I’ve already fixed it in VisualARQ 2.1.1, which will be released this week.



(Enric Marquès) #3

Hi @Ashy_Chiang,

VisualARQ 2.1.1 has just been released and this issue when exporting to CSV has been solved:



Awesome! thanks very much for the help. I am going to do the update ASAP.