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Hi everyone,

I would like to know:

1- if I can extract only the Z dimension of the “position” parameter on tables.

2- if I can organize the table by the visualarq spaces, so for exemple in the room1 I would have x elements with their respective heights.

3- how can I add voltage of plugs? Is with the parameters?

4- add quantities by spaces of the same element. Or maybe even the quantities of the same elements only.

I saw this video (5.7 Schedule Tables - VisualARQ) and still have this daughts.

is it possible? anyone knows??

Hi @Leonardo_G_Pate,

  1. It is not possible to automatically extract the Z dimension from the Elevation property in tables. You can achieve it with a custom parameter though. You can calculate it and assign the values with Grasshopper. Check definition attached. Just push the “Update Property” component button, and the custom parameter “Element Elevation” will be created in your document, and Furniture and Element elements will get the corresponding value assigned.
    Then, go to your table styles and assign that new custom parameter to a new field.
    You will need to recompute the gh file and run the Update Property button again every time you change the position of those objects and update the table to apply the changes.
    Element (14.8 KB)

  2. In a similar way as the previous point, you could create a custom parameter called “Room location” (or similar), tell to each object in which room they are, and add that parameter in the table.

  3. Yes, you can use (again) a custom parameter for that.

  4. You can group the objects in tables with common properties. Do right click on the table style > Edit, and go to the last step in the wizard where you have the option to group by fields:

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how can I tell which object would be in each room with gh??

Hi Leonardo, the custom parameters do not appear in the new table style wizard.You will see them afterwards, when you add a new field to a table, from the Source tab:

Find attached a new definition that generates a custom parameter called “space” that will assign to each Furniture and Element object, in which rooms they are located. The workflow is the same as with the object’s elevation.
Space parameter where objects are (13.2 KB)

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