Tab Indenting in Python 3 Editor of Grasshopper

Hi there,

I am editing in Python 3 of Grasshopper.
Indenting of the code seems it is not working well.
It should be arranged in the tab inserted positions which worked in Python 2 Editor in Rhino 7.
Could anyone teach how to fix it??

Thank you so much.

@AYuA I don’t think I’m following what the problem is. Would you mind listing a few steps to replicate this problem?

Here is what I see:

Thank you so much @eirannejad !
yes the problem is when I hit “tab” in each lines, it does not aligne the capital of sentences…
I guess some parameters of “advanced settings” in options. but I dont know what…
Tab Indenting

I can not replicate this on my machine running 8.7 RC. @Alain Do you see this tabbing bug?

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could that depend on the font used not being fixed-width?

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Yes, I think that not having a monospaced font is the problem.


Thank you so much.
I changed the font to “consola 14”. and it solved the problem !

Thank you!!!