Wish: Rhino Python Editor transform tabs to spaces


Probably you’re in a process of changing the PythonEditor completely, but if that is about to take some time I have a wish. You may as well take it into RhinoPythonEditor2.0


Due to this error I am unable to re-use examples directly. I’m a pragmatic “Tab-ber” guy (ScriptKiddie) :pleading_face:. So I have to tab-inize every indent every time.

I see probably two solutions, either automatically transform tabs into (4) spaces or somehow upon launching the scripts pass them to the interpreter in such a way so that they don’t trigger this error.

Thanks in advance.

Update: Another solution just came to me, probably the easiest:
Create two buttons in the Edit menu:

  • Replace All Tabs with (4) Spaces
  • Replace All (4) Spaces with Tabs (I assume this one will be more difficult)

Provide possibility to add ‘Tab’ symbol in this dialog:

Update: It actually works, but you have to first type the Tab in the editor area then copy and paste it in the dialog.

Not cool though, too many actions.

You can control this in the editor options.

– Dale

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Additionally, you can use the regular expressions radio button to be able to replace tabs without having to copy/paste a tab character.

(The yellow highlight is created by the editor, no postpro done by me).

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