T-shirt with Rhino logo

Hi all,
I’m trying to purchase one or more Rhino logo T-shirts from official appeal site but there are some missing sizes. Can anyone tell me where I can get those T-shirts? I really want to have one as a big fan of Rhinoceros. (Actually I have one polo t-shirt but it doesn’t fit my body well) As long as there is Rhino logo on a T-shirt I don’t mind.


I am checking on this… I have no idea what the fashonistas in the front office are up to!


Thank you, Pascal!
Just my personal thought—wondering why not produce diverse/seasonal/style/color appeals and accessories from McNeel.

Not our area of expertise, as you have already discovered! We’d need a whole new department.


I see. Please let me know if all size appeals are stored. Thanks for the quick response!

Hi Kev - I’m told it may be a couple of weeks before we know what we’re doing with restocking shirts etc. Can you please check back then? I’ll try to have more info…

thanks, sorry to be so vague…


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Thanks for the efforts! I will check it later.