Rhino 3D Merchandise

I was wondering, could you guys from McNeel come up with some merches for Rhino 3D.
You don’t charge us monthly for your software thus I think many people would be more than happy to support you and throw some money at you for teacups, T-shirts, Mousepads, or other stuff with Rhino 3D logo on it :slight_smile:


Mousepads! :+1:


Also for grasshopper, maybe something like a t-shirt design contest could be a nice thing to start. Would really like to see what the people come up with.

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The original Rhino mousepad is still the best mouse pad I’ve ever had! Would love for it to make a comeback! And a Rhino hoodie… Wouldn’t it be possible to use Printify or Bonfire or one of those services to make an official McNeel (Rhino/GH) store? I know it takes time and ressources, but maybe have us users come up with input - I’m sure some would love to donate some time to coming up clever/cool/great designs. And it would be a great way to flash just how much your users actually love you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Something cool like these I’d buy definitely. A little embroidered 4/5 colour logo of the subd rhino on a sweater.

SHould make clear that this isn’t my product, or an endoresement. just an example.

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A Big coffee Mug with keyboard shortcuts and a Logo ! I certainly would buy a few …

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