Syncing up cells within a voronoi geometry

I created a Voronoi pattern from two groups of cells. I’m simply looking for the best way to sync up the points before the Voronoi operation to their corresponding cells after it. It seems like a really simple process, but I’m struggling w/ data trees this morning.

I appreicate any help! (37.6 KB)

Is this what you are after? (45.6 KB)

Thank you! Yes, I think this should work. I really only need the cells of the letters themselves to be separated from the remaining ones, but I should be able to do that easily from your reworking of my script.

I took a stab at taking your script and extracting the information I needed. You can see here I extracted the points within the letters and synced their list with the list of each point’s corresponding cell. I did the same for the rest of the points and cells outside the letters. I know my way of going about this is not elegant as it relies on a lot of manually entered data. If you have the time, do you mind showing me the correct way to go about extracting the information I need?

I appreicate your help! (67.1 KB)

If you just want to identify the cells correspond to the letters, then, this is more simpler… (62.9 KB)

Thank you!

So if I’m understanding it right…it first looks like you’re feeding both groups of points through a single point component and flattening it—I’m guessing this is so the list has the same order as the flattened points being fed into the voronoi component. The two indexing components recall the indices of the points with respect to their original groups, which are then fed into the ‘list item’ components to recall the corresponding indices of the cells in respect to both groups.

Because your point groups belong to different paths, so you can provide them to Voronoiin the same order regardless of how you connect them.
If not, the input order to connect to Voronoi may be important.