Select geometry by point proximity

Hello all,

I have this kind of voronoi geometry and I am working on the nodes. I have a list with all the points on the intersections and a second list with the crvs which are meant to define the node.

I would like to group the crvs in groups of three elements in order to work with the nodes (lofts, extrusion,…)

I’ve managed to sort the points by groups of three, by I am struggling with the curves,…

Any idea? Many many thanks!! (61.7 KB)

The crvs I was talking about are the followings…


Does this work for you? (58.9 KB)

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Here you have two solutions, second’s one uses Peacock’s Brep Topology component, maybe you will find it very usefull here. (124.3 KB)

As easy as that! It is just what I needed! Thank you!!!