Syncing models in Rhino - Crash vs Speckle vs Autodesk Data Exchanges

I’m collaborating on a large project using Revit 2024 and Autodesk Construction Cloud. Our firm is co-designing the project with another firm. Most of the work is done in Revit but we’re both using Rhino.Inside to sketch test fits, massing models and quickly iterate without being bogged down by Revit. We’re wondering if there’s a more efficient way to track Rhino changes that don’t need to be incorporated into our Revit model. We don’t need to live-sync both Rhino Files, and we don’t necessarily need two different users working on the same file but it would be great to have a chance to track changes or push changes from one file to the other.

Online resources suggest that Speckle or a new plugin called Crash could help. There’s also a possibility of using Autodesks’s Data Exchanges, but its functionality between two rhino models is a little unclear to me.

Crash Cloud for reference:
Crash (Multi-User Rhino) 1.4.2-beta has been released! - Plug Ins / Multi-User - McNeel Forum

Does anyone have experience with some form of syncing two Rhino models or viewing a single Rhino file simultaneously? Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks!

We do have a plugin for ACC and bim 360 that may help colocate the files and saves with ACC. But that is using ACC as a file container.

Now as a federated database it gets more confusing. Autodesk has been developing some stuff, and recently did a webinar on it I believe. But, at this point Speckle is probably more developed.

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Thanks for the reply, Scott. Which plugin would that be? And any chance you could point me to the webinar? Thank you

Correct me if I’m wrong @scottd but I believe he is referencing this @Rahman_Ismail

We just started using Crash, huge potential there. We are really excited for the next version!


Crash could be a very fun and quick way to collaborate. But I will say (as the author) it is quite new. However I want to make it production ready. I’m very open to discussions about it, and if you do test it, I’d love feedback about what you like and dislike :slight_smile:

Likely I’d suggest speckle , although I’m quite green with it too