Rhino collaboration - Clash, Issues & reports

Hi all,

I have a question about rhino workflow with the collaborators for you:

I’ve have seen that Rhino7 and grasshopper incorporate a Clash component for the detection of interferences (I understand that is mostly geometric) and I would like to know if anybody knows any plugin or tool to manage issus & report from clashes between the different disciplines that operate in Rhino or other software. From my knowledge of BIM,BIMcollab cloud platform allows you to connect all this information from the clash between softwares (Navisworks, Revit, Archicad) by means of the BIMcollab BCF manager plugin. Is there something similar from Rhino today or do you know if someone is devoloping something like that that improves collaboration between disciplines in Rhino?

Thanks you

Hi Narcis, Bimcollab, Revitzo etc all help manage the project and are intended to help the general contractor coordinate with the sub contractors models. Those processes are generally governed by BIM execution requirements in the contract which specify modeling detail levels and delivery schedules.

The coordination softwares all are using Navisworks and autodesk products as their primary. There are alternatives like Trimble Connect that are in direct competition with Autodesk.

There are a number of smaller company options as well, projects that started so that you don’t have to be so connected to Autodesk or Trimble, such as speckle

Rhino’s import/export geometry capabilities work well in these workflows, but collaboration between disciplines where you are looking to manage the team on a variety of levels (paper documents submittals, schedules, etc) is a different arena.

Thank you Japhy.