Multiple users Single file

Not an expert. Looking to run university level architecture studio in Covid19 context with multiple students working on the same Rhino file. Seeking to keep collaborative vibe in a group. Possible with Rhino or any of its plug-ins? We work with Rhino/GH/VRay cocktail, but open to other software. Thanks!

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Rhino is not designed to work that way. CATIA is intended to be a collaborative modeling tool.
In Rhino, users could use the Worksession tool to bring external data into their active file, and use it for reference, but they could not actively edit it.
Once their work is saved, it can be referenced by others from a shared location.


In addition to the Worksession functionality in Rhino mentioned by John, Speckle might be an interesting option. Students can author, share, and consume “streams”. These streams can contain any number of things, including Rhino geometry and data associated with it. There are clients available for Rhino, GH, Revit, Dynamo, Blender, and some experimental ones for things like Unity.

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