Synchronise Package Manager between computers

Hi, is there a way to synchronise the what is installed via Package Manager between different computers?

I ask because I’ve set up a few computers with Rhino in the last couple of weeks. I have been using screenshots of all the (20+) installed packages on one computer and then manually typing them into the new Rhino install individually. It’s a bit tedious, prone to missing a line and searching is slow. Is there a way to ‘batch’ install with Package Manager, or import a list of packages?

Thankfully I won’t have to do this again for some time, but I thought I would ask now so I know more for next time.


Belki bu işini görebilir.

Thanks, I’ve used that before but I believe that only exports the options which are selectable in the ‘Options’ window, and doesn’t contain any reference to installed Packages. Unless there is an Export Options options which allows me to export them…

Bütün Script ve Pluginleri Belgelerim klasörü içine atar, ayarları da Belgeler klasörüne göre ayarlanırsa sorun olmadan çalışacaktır.

Ayrıca %AppData% altındaki McNeel klasörlerini kopyasını alıp tekrar yerine koyarsanız olacaktır.


Ah ok, I hadn’t considered that. Sorry one more question then, will my Grasshopper plugins etc. then populate Package Manager and still receive updates automatically?