Symmetric stretch?

I just discovered (to my great delight) the stretch command. Is there a way to make it act symmetrically on an object? In the attached sample, I’d like to be able to shrink (or stretch) the middle linear section (between the two red lines) w.r.t. the centerline of the part, while preserving the structure of the circles.

I can do this using the stretch command twice, however I need reference geometry to ensure that I stretch both sides equally. Can I do it in ONE step?

If you split the horizontal line by it’s mid point and delete one half, you can use the Mirror command with History enabled. Then stretching the original side will update the mirror as well.

on rhino mac there is an option both sides but all it does is just the same regular stretch,
maybe it has not been implemented properly

@BrianJ are you working up lost topics lately? :smiley:

He is so on it!


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There is but only because it was part of some other code. It wasn’t working as expected and was removed to avoid confusion… the change has yet to reach the release build of Rhino for Mac. More info here if you’re interested: