Switching off curve CV mode, when selecting single curve

i realised rhino 6 new mode, automatically switching to controlpoint display when selecting a single curve. sometimes this seems handy, in other cases not at all. is there a way to set the behaviour back to V5-mode or to toggle between V6 and V5?

Yes, in Options>Mouse uncheck the following box:


thanks mitch !
any idea for a macro to paste to a button


-_Options _Mouse

great! thanks again.

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where can i find these command (like “AutomaticPointsOn”) in order to toggle the other three options in this section?
thanks in advance!

Hi - if you run -_Options _Mouse _SelectionAndMiddleButton, you will see the options that are available in that section:

Choose option ( WindowSelectionMethod=Combo MiddleButton=PopupMenu Toolbar Macro MiddleButtonViewManipulation=No MiddleButtonRotateWithPlainButton=No MiddleButtonSwapShiftAndControl=No AllowWindowSelectionOfSubObjects=Yes PointsOnObjectSelect=Yes AutomaticPointsOn=Yes PickableControlPolygon=No )

The last 4 entries are the ones you are looking for.

aah, i see.
thanks !

bug report:
the"Make control polygon pickable" option is not changed as expected after running this macro:
-_Options _Mouse

I see that - it looks buggy to me… thanks for the report.



RH-54179 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

thanks brian!

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