"to turn off cntrl pts on a crv when select a crv"?

In regards to a fellow user’s question:
“How do I turn off the control points on a curve when I highlight a curve”?

I found this following image to contain the answer:

However, I’d like to be able to provide a easier solution for them to understand, while they still have a hard time with that “advanced” dialogue.

So, I’m hoping there’s another way to access that solution, and also there appears to be a potential redundancy solution within that second item in that advanced settings shown in that image. I didn’t test the second one, since the first one seemed to already be the solution.

So I guess my question is how do I access “automatic points on/off” without using the “advanced” dialogue?

Clicking the help button didn’t really show the secret command… :joy:

I think this issue is in another thread somewhere, but not sure…

Hello - if you are looking for a way to turn off automatic points-on on selection, this is set in Options > Mouse page.


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It’s under Options>Mouse…

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hmmm, k I think I see that now:

Awesome. I appreciate the help, and fast response! :beers: @pascal @Helvetosaur

I think now I’ll try to compile a command string to send them via txt. haha

Looks like they’re figuring out the advanced dialogue too, which is good :sweat_smile:

That’s my new fav way to find settings :slightly_smiling_face:

Still confused by these two:

it works lol:

now imma txt them ‘bro jus do this’:



For the record, you can use EnterEnd to replace the three _Enters you have there.

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looks like it works :smiley:

Thanks for the tip!

A funny characteristic however is if a curve is already selected, with it =yes, and you run that macro =no, it doesn’t turn the points off of the preselected curve – again, if it was selected first with ‘it on’ or rather =yes. No biggy I guess.