Sweep1 - Cross section rotated

I am experiencing some trouble in sweeping a cross section along a curve.
The sweep component rotates the defined cross section well in the “XY-plane”, the cross section seems to remain perpendicular to the rail curve, so that’s fine.
But the cross section is also rotated (torsion) in the “XZ-plane”. I don’t want that to happen.
Extrusion component seems to work the other way around: cross section remains “horizontally” but is not rotated in XY-plane to be perpendicular to the rail curve.
Anyone has an experience on handling this?

Sweep1.gh (5.5 KB)

If you create a 2nd section at the other end of the railcurve, the sweep section won’t rotate: Sweep1_ME.gh (10.5 KB)
The z-coordinates are at the same levels

This helps. Begin and end section are positioned correctly. (I only had to make a small adjustment to the rotation of the end section in plan view)

Hi Tom,

If you’re creating sweeps of roads, you might be interested in testing some of the Geometry Gym new IFC4x3 Infrastructure extension components. This includes sectioned solid shape representations referenced from alignments by distance expressions, linear positioning etc.

I’ve attached an example script, ggRhinoIFC plugin available from www.geometrygym.com

200716 ifc4x3 road.zip (33.4 KB)



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