Sweep 1 Section Orientation

Hello Forum!

I’m trying to extrude an open polyline along a spiral open curve in order to get something like a screw.

Using Sweep1 seemed like the way to go here, but for some reason the section curve is rotating aroung it’s point of origin the further it goes to the end of the rail.

Any ideas how to make it not rotate?

Many thanks in advance!

extrusion rail_profile schraube.gh (19.7 KB)

take a look here, maybe it will help. unfortunatly there isn’t a component that does “roadlike” sweep1’s. there are some add ons that do

i just tried to use it because i ws having issues, it was working fine so i don’t know if something changed in the SDK. maybe @dale can jump in and look.

2020-09-02 10_26_16-Window

maybe i’m using it wrong regarding the direction vector. i’m not that good at grasshopper. i just tried this and it displays right but it says there is an error.

unnamed.gh (14.2 KB)

This white group sorta does the job but falls apart at the bottom of the curve unless the slider count is pushed way up.

schraube_2020Sep2a.gh (21.4 KB)


oh my! that made my brain hurt. :wink:

maybe i got it this time?


edit: maybe not, it is a little off comparing it to the command sweep. gotta be something with how i am getting the sweep direction?

thanks guys! both solutions worked for me!