Sweep / loft / trying to make a knob - stuck

hi guys,

Apologies for newby post, I am trying to make a basic knob for a synth/drum machine, I have attached the rhino file and a reference image. Basically I use loft on an offset 7 sided polygon / star curve then i fillet the edges, connect it to a filleted cylinder. The resulting shape is messy and I cannot draw a curve on it to complete the white dial line of the knob, been stuck on this for days, if anyone can suggest a method I would be forever greatfull.

Thanks kindly

knob1.3dm (837.8 KB)

Hi KR - what is messy? Looks OK here. I’d draw the parallel lines and rounded end in Top and project it down to the part, or an offset of the part, and build from there. Hold on a bit, I’ll see if I can cook something up.

@kr1, see if this looks OK. knob1_pg (2).zip (482.3 KB)


thank you for quick response pascal, much appreciated, that is incredible i have been stuck on this for days. Wirecut was a new command to me and it seems to have created exactly what i need, i was trying to drawe a curve on the surface and it kept distorting. Incredible thanks

Hi KR- WireCut is largely a bundling up of an extrusion and mutual trimming with the target object, which is really the concept to get from this…