Sweep 2 rails a changing section

Hey there,
I am trying to orient multiple sections on to 2 rails, till here i manage somehow, but i would like to have the possibility to have different multiple sections and to be able to modify them as i started to do with the first section in the script attached.
also i would like to control the section in 3d and not only x,y. for example making the upper part of one section to get closer to the next section.
hope i am clear, i am attaching the model and gh, hope someone can help me with that.

prof00.3dm (33.4 KB)
PROF00.gh (38.0 KB)


I see two solutions to your problem:

  1. Rebuild your rail-polylines inside grasshopper from the points.
  • you can reference the end points and construct the middle one so you can control its coordinates. Which will allow you to control the Z coordinate.
  • Or construct all three points. Your choice. You should be aware of the direction of the polylines as this could cause major artifacts :wink:

  1. You could ditch the rail sweep and do Loft instead. Then you won’t need the two polylines but rather end profiles and you then can move and rotate the middle profile however you like. Or have more than one in the middle.