Sweep 2 problem

Just wonder why can’t this sweep 2 work? It always mess up at the end of rail.

SWEEP 2.3dm (478.7 KB)

if you want the section remain in the same position at every point. you should use ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv

Sweep1 and Sweep2 takes in count the relative position of each section with the rails, in the first sections, they are quite normal to the rails, the last one ( when the problem appears) the section is almost tangent to the rails.


Hello - try this as a workaround:

ChangeDegree to 3 on the rail curves.
Place a copy of the section curve at each control point:

Loft the section curves with the ‘Loose’ style.

SWEEP 2LooseLoft.3dm (64.9 KB)

It would match your curves exactly if the curves were non-rational - all point weights = 1.


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