Sweep 2, not straight corner

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to octagon surface from sweep 2 rails in grasshopper but the corner still not straight.
Is there anyone who can solved this one?
I tried to look around the forum, but all of the sweep problematics, seemed a bit different I think.

sweep2.gh (5.2 KB)

Sweep2 is a bit tricky with regard orientations and other things.

See attached.

Sweep2_EntryLevel_V1.gh (18.6 KB)

BTW: for simple cases like this I would suggest a “per side” approach

I try to use Sweep2_EntryLevel_V1 with my octagon curve but result still not straight.
please see on my attached picture

Sweep2_EntryLevel_V2.gh (118.6 KB)

As I said … better cut the mustard on a per side basis.

Use some non rnd Polyline (i.e. a classic Polygon - any sides N) and no center Point move (i.e. set all moveC values to 0) and see the results.

Sweep2_EntryLevel_V1A.gh (118.3 KB)

And this supports Polyline Lists (later I’ll add an option with regard the Z dir).
Sweep2_EntryLevel_V1B.gh (119.5 KB)

Thank you for your help.

Get the option with regard the move direction (either using Plane.WorldXY.ZAxis or the fitted to poly pts Plane.ZAxis). If required try some non planar Polys as well.
Sweep2_EntryLevel_V1C.gh (127.3 KB)

sweep2_2023Nov23a.gh (16.1 KB)

P.S. The green curve (below) is your original, the red miter seam is straight, eh?

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Thank you Joseph.

I used a shortcut without understanding why it worked and felt bad about that later… So I just replaced the List Item component with the purple group (below), which is more explicit about sifting results of SplitMul (Split Brep Multiple). Result is the same but perhaps this is more robust?.

sweep2_2023Nov24a.gh (24.8 KB)