Sweep 1 rail with road like option?

i’ve been searching how to do a roadlike sweep1 and can’t find a definitive answer. thank you

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Hi @kleerkoat,

Add a C# component that uses a SweepOneRail object.

– Dale

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:laughing: easier said than done.


See if the attached is useful.

test_sweep1_roadlike.gh (8.0 KB)

– Dale


you’re the man. i started to try it myself, i would have never gotten there. :smile: :+1:

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your the man !! thank you

Still massively useful in 2023. Thanks a billion.

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Thanks Dale, this worked great. Couldn’t get it to work with stock components, but this worked first try. Thanks again!

You can offset the rail and use Swp2 instead of Swp1. Top view shows a slight difference with the C# version, don’t know which one is correct? Both ends look identical.

sweep2_roadlike_2024Jan3a.gh (10.1 KB)

Or use Swp1 with PFrames aligned with Z vector (yellow group). This looks identical to the C# version, in top view and from every angle? It has an advantage in that each section can be rotated separately to create banked turns.

sweep1_roadlike_2024Jan3b.gh (13.9 KB)