Sweep 1 problem.. Crv seam and correct order

Hi, I 'm trying to sweep two profiles on one rail… I don’t know how to make proper position of seam and correct order of profiles.
I should be like this

The definition
sweep 1 error.gh (72.2 KB)


First, you need to graft the rail. Otherwise, the component will try to sweep 2 sections on all rails.


Second, your sections are not in the correct order.

Using a closest point association like this solves the problem.

Ajusting the seam to the same reference point :

It works but your flower profile has a lot of control points and the rail has a tough bend.
Changed fillet to 0.8.

sweep 1 error.gh (84.9 KB)

Tnak You Magicteddy a lot… Now it works :slight_smile:

Now i changed my profile and surfaces are twisted. How to change direction of seam?
error 2.gh (87.3 KB)

That would be Flip Curve.

All profiles seem to be flipped here, but in case you encounter some that are and some that aren’t, here is a test based on dot product.

error 2.gh (94.9 KB)

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