Sweep 1 Corner Problems

I’m new to Rhino and cannot find a solution for the corner problems in myCorner Problem.3dm (232.9 KB) transition from a horizontal rectangle to a vertical arch. One way fixes the corner but does not produce a solid, another way makes a solid but with a corner defect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Bill - I am not sure what the desired outcome is exactly but I think, looking at what you have, I’d try NetworkSrf and PlanarSrf

Set up some curves like this:

NetworkSrf with a tight edge curve tolerance set in the dialog - .0001 say.

Then, use the remaining closed loops of curves to make PlanarSrfs - does that get what you want?


Pascal -

Beautiful… just perfect. I’ve never seen a tutorial on NetworkSrf yet, so this approach didn’t occur to me. I have so much to learn. I’ll go try it out.

Many thanks.


I would avoid using netwerk surf for this. Instead create 2 helper surfaces in Blue. Then use surface blend to create the corner surface Red. You can control the shape in the command by moving sliders and adjusting the input match. The end result is lighter surface that you can point edit.

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That’s a nice tip! ~Dave