Swarovski style decoration

They don’t produce the right result ? … or some other reason ?

When trying some “virtual” coating on gems, it seems to me that human psychology interferes with perception. Our brain is trained to know what a diamond looks like and perceives coatings as “cheap” or impure.

Here I try a very subtle coating on this ring but overall the mind seems to prefer the purity of the original. In a way I can see why you guys started moving towards Cubic Zirconia.

Long story short, the effort would be too much and nobody would see the difference.

i agree, coatings may look cheap in comparison to diamonds. But a good old coating on a simple glass can look good, that’s all.

That’s not as easy as it sound’s. Just use another material doesn’t make everything look good. Even a diamond does not look shiny and sparkly if it’s not in the right shape or in the right setting. In your case with the ring, if it’s a diamond cut and a diamond setting, simply use diamond parameters and it looks good.