Swapping out a video card

In my current home desktop (Win 8.1), I have a GTX 780, which I am going to change it out for the more powerful 980 Ti that came out of my old work machine (which I got for free). I actually thought of having both in, but the power supply on this somewhat older desktop won’t handle both at the same time. The power requirements between the 780 and the 980 don’t appear to be much different however.

Before I remove the card, I will uninstall it via the device manager. The question is, should I also completely uninstall the Nvidia driver? It looks to be the same universal driver (436.02) for all the GTX series in that range…?



TIA, --Mitch

Last year I swapped GTX 960 2GB with GTX 1050 4GB and I kept the same Nvidia driver. Everything went smoothly.

Yep, seems fine now after putting in the new card…