Upgrading Video Card on 2012 Desktop

Hi All,

so I have this old desktop from 2016:

Processor: Intel I7 950 @ 3.06 GHz,

Memory; 12 GB,

Motherboard: Gigabyte X58 USB 3,

Video Card; GeoForce GT 640,

Power: 500 Watts,

OS: Windows 10,

Still working fine but very slow when rendering. I was wondering if adding better video card I could extend it’s life for another year. Do you think that swapping old GT 640 for GT 1030 2GB DDR5 would benefit this system and could still operate with my motherboard…? It’s around $100 on Amazon. But if you guys have any better suggestions I’m all ears. Wouldn’t want to go above $150 though.

Many thanks

rendering in rhino is all about Nvidia cuda cores. the more the merrier! Speed costs money…how fast do you want to go?

Speed of light but no more than $150…

BTW. Thanks for great tutorials Kyle. I’m learning new stuff each time I watch one of yours.

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A buck and a half, doesn’t buy much light…


Look for a used 980 ti then. Avoid ones with a blower cooler.

John, that’s true but shouldn’t GT 1030 be light faster than my current GT 640. And if my Motherboard can handle it I might even go crazy and buy GTX 1650…

Stratosfear, thanks for suggestion. I’ll check it out

Ditch the 1030 idea, the smallest cards in any series is never made for hard work, they are only For those who barely need support Of the latest tech. (But are still better than integrated intel graphic sollutions though)
The 1650 sounds smart abd your system can easily handle a 2080 too, but would bottle neck it a bit of course.

Don’t forget to check whether your PSU can deliver enough wattage. Most GPUs are power-hungry beasts and 500W seems a bit on the low end. Most mid-tear GPUs draw about 55 to 100W when doing heavy computing. If you’d for instance go for a GTX 980 Ti, you’d also have to upgrade your PSU unit, since the overall wattage of your machine would be around 550W.

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True, the 2080 draws up to 230 Watts, and the PSU shouldn’t run at more than 80% load, so the 2060 is the limit for a 500W PSU if you follow nVidias recommendations. They leave room for periperals and max load on everything too of course.

thanks for the feedback!
Glad they are useful-

good to know I’m not just shouting into a empty hole… :wink:

Thank you guys for all your suggestions. They helped a lot. I settled on 1650 for now. Hopefully there are some good deals to be found.

Next year when I put some cash aside I’m going to build new pc with much better toys.

Just know that the 1650 has 896 Cuda Cores and the 1660 has 1408, almost 2x as many and that means 2x faster rendering IF you are using v6 raytraced mode OR are using v7 raytraced mode AND Rhino Render. V6’s Rhino Render still uses the CPU.

So if you can afford a 1660 then you will get a lot more bang for the buck regarding rendering speed per $ IF you are rendering on the GPU.

That said, there is no good reason to NOT use v7 for rendering. Installing and using the new nVidia denoiser seriously cuts down on rendering times too. I mean A LOT!

(And for the record, no reason to go for a 1660 ti regarding cuda cores, they only have 100 more than the 1660)

You absolutely right Holo. I’m going to see if I can find plain vanilla 1660 for an extra $50. The extra CUDA cores are well worth it.