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Hi @stevebaer,

thank you for the nice svg-export in Rhino WIP. I found a problem with fillets, attached the Rhino, and faulty svg-file:

home.3dm (40.2 KB) (555 Bytes, sorry, svg file was not accepted from discourse)



(Brian James) #2

Hi Michael,

This appears to be working here with Export Selected in the latest internal build. I used these settings…

I checked the file in PS and v6 and it seems fine. Are you using different settings or using it in another app? (676 Bytes)
The svg error on upload here is interesting too. svg is supposed to work but discourse can’t determine the image size so it rejects it. I’ll see if I can figure out why but zip in the meantime.


Good morning Brian,

yes, this was a quick fix in the latest WIP from today.

Thank you very much and have a sunny day



Hi Brian,

something seams to be still wrong with SVG export.

When I try to zoom to extents, sometimes I get corrupted polycurves (in Firefox), sometimes the extension doesn’t fit? Hm?

Here another example:
menu.3dm (46.9 KB) (972 Bytes)



(Brian James) #5

I think this is happening due to the lack of margins which causes the curve on the edge to be clipped by the printable area. If I give a small margin e.g. .01 on the left and right, the result looks good in Chrome. Does that work for you too?


Hi Brian,

yes, that could be the case.



(Steve Baer) #7

It does sound like a bug though. If you have a good description of the problem Brian, I would really appreciate a bug report on this. Thanks

(Brian James) #8


(Steve Baer) #9

Thanks Brian

(Steve Baer) #10

Hi Michael,
This should be fixed in the next WIP. The extents calculation looked a little too tight

(Dan Belcher) #11

RH-40142 is fixed in the latest WIP